Every time you enjoy a product of our own production, you taste the inspiration, imagination and expertise of our chefs. Simple but unique flavors, familiar recipes made with an original combination of ingredients, subversive flavors that…. they become your favorite habit!

They are the results of our daily research, hard work, constant taste tests and our obsession for the best.


The history of Paradosiako begins in 1957 in Panorama. Grandmother Eleftheria, mixing pure ingredients, follows traditional recipes and creates village pies and other products that became famous throughout the city. In 1994, Alexandros Kommatidis, having acquired all the knowledge and authentic recipes, buys the store on Papadopoulou Street in Panorama Thessaloniki and starts a business with taste and vision. In 2003, the second store was opened and the name Pradosiako established itself as synonymous with quality and tradition. Today, Paradosiako has 7 stores. For the popular chain, success is based on its values, which it always makes sure to serve. The people who trust Paradosiako every day are more than just customers. They are invited to experience our signature flavors.


At Paradosiako we lead you to new taste experiences, creating recipes inspired by Greek cuisine, always a little “different” from the usual. With selected ingredients, always of high quality, we compose new tasty suggestions and enrich our menu, keeping up with the eating habits of modern people.

Traditional bougatse, pies with village phyllo, fresh yogurt, traditional sweets, delicious scrociarella and much more are prepared daily to satisfy even the most demanding. Hot pies, or a la carte, such as peignirli and scrociarella, are baked at the moment you ask for them, right in front of you. A wide range of cold snacks and sandwiches with different breads and different fillings, drinks such as tea, coffee and juices, are just some of the flavors that stand out at Traditional, for breakfast or snacks. After lunch, until the evening, here you will discover complete meals with side dishes, salads and main dishes, of excellent taste and quality.


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