Become a Paradosiako Partner

Franchise package includes:

  • Entry fee & initial service costs
  • Architectural study
  • Average store size
  • Required starting capital
  • Average Investment Cost
  • Royalties, support services, communication & marketing expenses

The steps:

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Our Development department will contact you to schedule a meeting.
  3. Agreement and signing of preliminary contract.
  4. Find a location.
  5. Signing up of a point and signing a franchise contract.
  6. Shop design and construction.
  7. Opening!

Before opening

From the location to the design of the store and training of the staff, we are always by your side.

Store opening

By your side from day one to learn everything! Store development, store operation basics, staff training, strong customer base development, marketing, product preparation, customer service, sales methodology, customer management.

Store area

What benefits does the franchisee get?
In terms of returns, economies of scale, quality of life and future growth.
The benefits that the Paradosiako franchisee gets are multiple. At the performance level we have structured a very good store management system whereby our prospective partner can obtain a net profit of food exploitation, presenting economies of scale.
Increasing his work increases his profitability, constantly and automatically improves his quality of life. He joins an experienced team/family that provides him with all the know-how for a dynamic business start-up, always with an eye on the future.
Our goal at Paradosiako is to transfer our knowledge to prospective franchisees and together to develop the brand in even more areas outside of Thessaloniki, throughout Greece, and why not abroad too!


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